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Environmental Resource Permitting And Ecological Services

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Property owners, developers, and institutions are prohibited from impacting natural resources (i.e., wetlands, listed species, native habitat, and tree canopy) unless proper permits are in order. Planning for Environmental Resource Permits and Water Use Permits is essential for all parties to consider during the conceptual design and project feasibility stage. These permits usually require the stakeholder to mitigate for planned impacts through the replacement, preservation, or payment of penalties to offset the loss of a natural resource. TCG is specialized to manage the necessary details of environmental resource permitting and mitigation area management. The company’s ecological services and wetlands management approach are rooted in cost-effective and responsible stewardship practices for the southeast region where land use restrictions are numerous due to the geographic location and proximity to the Everglades, estuaries, bays and reef systems of Florida.

TCG is highly experienced and over the years has become a trusted partner for stakeholders, developers, and governmental agencies. Their vast experience and seasoned staff has served Florida for over fifteen years. Regulatory environmental resource permitting will involve multiple agencies and overlapping codes and compliance requirements. A trusted environmental advisor is key.

TCG provides comprehensive site evaluation studies that assist owners and developers during project planning stages — before costly mitigation is required. Regulatory permitting for natural resources is an extensive and prohibitive business; therefore TCG works with its clientele to develop efficient and environmentally-responsible project plans that streamline the process.

About Seagrass Surveys

One aspect of permit compliance for dock and seawall construction is the performance of a benthic survey. Benthic surveys are performed to evaluate conditions of the marine environment. TCG’s resource survey activities are completed using an approved quadrat sampling methodology. Survey methodology includes the determination of percent coverage and location of ecological resources (i.e., seagrasses, corals, shellfish, etc.) and the presence or absence of Halophila johnsonii (Johnson’s seagrass), a threatened and protected species of seagrass sometimes present in benthic communities of the south Florida region.

About Species Monitoring

TCG also provides endangered species surveys and monitoring for land development and mitigation area management. TCG’s team evaluates project areas using an approved meandering transect sampling methodology. Along each meandering transect, observed species are recorded. For long-term projects, TCG conducts daily species monitoring to evaluate the movements of identified species and assess the impact of land development activities on the species observed.

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