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Regulatory Compliance And Environmental Site Assessments

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Today, the number of laws and agencies regulating industry can be overwhelming; CERCLA, RCRA, EPA, OSHA to name a few. Facility managers are challenged to meet many stringent environmental regulations, and unfortunately, a last minute call due to a compliance violation can be costly. Picking the right environmental partner to quickly assess and respond to these issues will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. TCG is Florida’s premier full-service environmental consulting firm offering quality, cost-effective environmental compliance, permitting, and health and safety solutions in a timely manner.

By being proactive, facility management can keep this myriad of regulatory requirements in check. Proactive organizations striving for environmental compliance must identify and implement Best Management Practices (BMP). TCG specializes in helping clients create, implement, and maintain solid BMPs. An average client saves up to 20% on related overhead costs when they have a TCG environmental management strategy in place. TCG has built a solid reputation by understanding clients’ needs before costly investigation activities are undertaken. A preliminary risk evaluation is key to identifying the true cost of ownership.

TCG custom tailors its services to fit the level of risk and degree of thoroughness demanded by stakeholders. The company understands the need to control costs and establish an appropriate plan of action suited to facility operations.


  • Response to Agency Notices/Violations for Testing and Contamination Assessment.
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments compliant with ASTM and SBA standards.
  • Phase II Site Investigations to identify contamination, evaluate cleanup options and provide risk evaluations.
  • Facility compliance audits and Health & Safety evaluations.
  • Third-party review and mediation support for Negotiating with Regulatory Agencies.
  • Insurance claim review & restoration management service.

TCG has developed a variety of innovative and practical due diligence solutions for buyers, sellers, and lenders that minimize environmental liabilities while maximizing value. From standard Phase I Environmental Site Assessments to asbestos surveys and remediation cost evaluation, TCG rapidly and accurately assesses potential environmental liabilities that may otherwise lead to a “deal killer.”

The Phase I ESA provides a good general indication of past and existing site conditions that may indicate a recognized environmental condition (REC). The assessment report provides a review of known and observable conditions that allow a stakeholder to evaluate environmental risks at a relatively low cost. Based on the Phase I ESA findings, a stakeholder should be able to decide whether to continue with a project, investigate further, or terminate a contract based on the level of environmental risk identified. Potential compliance violations are also found during the assessment, which will clarify the necessity for the BMPs.

The Phase II ESA evaluates the potential for environmental impairment of a site caused by contamination of soils, groundwater, air, surface water, building materials or other environmental risks on the property or a nearby site. It is commonly needed when visual evidence of a contaminant spill is identified during the site inspection. Likewise, if historical records indicate the occurrence of a spill or release of contaminants, it is prudent to conduct a Phase II investigation to determine the presence and / or extent of contamination.

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