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At Tierra Consulting Group, our goal is to assist you with ensuring the highest standards in your Environment of Care (EOC) to protect the staff and patients in any dental, inpatient, outpatient, or physical plant settings. Having a well-run and top notch EOC is everything in today’s demanding, and ever changing, accreditation and regulatory landscape.

From the materials, air exchanges, and air quality in and around patients and staff, these factors combine to affect the provision for and quality of healthcare.  A depth and breadth of understanding of the various analytical methods, engineering, techniques, work practice controls, and other methods are essential to health and life safety.  TCG has a national team of award-winning dental and medical infection control experts to help your practice install the right plans and procedures to mitigate the effects of infectious and communicable disease pathogens in settings from routine to emergency pandemic conditions.  Understanding the unique requirements for dental clinics, outpatient clinics, operating rooms, physical plants, and other care facilities is critical to providing the right assessment to determine and mitigate any negative impacts. Let our professional staff the critical analyses and measurements and create a tailored Infection Control Plan (ICP), to ensure the highest quality EOC for your staff and patients.



TCG’s professionals thoroughly review and assess your current ICP, patient flow, staff procedures, equipment, personnel protective equipment (PPE), and facility infrastructure.  We conduct in-depth interviews with staff and providers to ensure their exposure concerns are clearly communicated and addressed.



TCG’s national award-winning team will create a customized ICP, in concert with patient flow, equipment, PPE, and facility recommendations.  Our design is suited to get your practice up and running for staff safety, patient safety, and the provision of quality care.


We understand upending your processes and procedures can be daunting.  We provide a comprehensive, and tailored to your practice, ICP, Informed Consent, Checklists, etc. to implement immediately in a manner that you feel works best for you. 


TCG will be there every step of the way with further process and procedure recommendations, equipment and PPE sourcing solutions, potential further facility modifications, and training opportunities.

Today and tomorrow’s EOC is not going to look like what we were accustomed to prior to the elevated risks of infectious and communicable diseases.  Working together, we know TCG’s trusted guidance will enable your practice to get back to delivering sustained patient care in this new infectious and communicable disease environment we are now all facing.

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Healthcare (Dental & Medical) Infection Control Plans and Procedures